The Artist, Troy C. Beglinger

Troy Beglinger

My Life So Far

I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, the wunderkind only child of aspiring outsider artists. Thanks to them, I was exposed to a variety of arts and crafts from a very young age. However, the extreme hardships we faced while they pursued their passions discouraged me from choosing a career in the arts, myself. Instead, I dreamed of being a scientist, and started refurbishing salvaged computers to teach myself to code on at the age of 10. By the time I was a junior in high school, my quest for self-reliance found me living in Chico, CA, supporting myself as an outbound marketer, web designer, and IT consultant.

After becoming a single father at the age of 20, my focus began to shift from helping machines, to helping people. So, I began studying behavioral psychology, and became a certified Master Hypnotist before opening a small counseling practice at the age of 25. Shortly thereafter, I married my high-school chemistry partner, and went on to graduate from an Independent Catholic seminary program at the age of 30. Less than a year later, I was blessed with being ordained as a Bishop with fourteen lines of Apostolic Succession.

Unfortunately, though, the Great Recession was not kind to non-profits and start-ups, and my ministry efforts came to an end far sooner than I would have liked. As such, broke and determined, I returned to college and rediscovered my love of anthropology, physics, art and design. Now, with eleven degrees in the arts, humanities, and sciences under my belt, I strive to find projects that put my knowledge and abilities to good use.

Currently, I live a quiet life with my wife and cat, in a modern home that overlooks the remote northern California town of Alturas. When not creating art or coding websites, I can often be found playing games, marathoning anime and TV shows, caring for local wildlife, and designing sustainable habitat concepts.

My Artistic Philosophy

Dependence upon sequentially aligned static elements is a limitation of most visual art forms. As such, I believe that the greatest works of art must express a plurality of meanings within each individual image, or piece. Therefore, much of my artwork superficially uses genre scenes and the visual language of popular culture, while delivering deeper layers of meaning via subtle compositing, arcane messages, and metaphysical symbolism. By doing so, I seek to provide viewers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the work, reflect upon it, and experience it in ways that lie beyond the influence of culturally associative language.

My photography, however, often focuses upon the interplay between the literal meaning of what has been observed, and the purely personal meaning which the individual associates with it. As such, my photographic compositions tend to reflect the complicated relationship between subjectivity, meaning, and cultural society. Common themes for my photography, include humanity's use of natural and built environments, the illusion of ego, and the ways in which human possibility is altered by our perception of the progression of time.

Finally, with respect to my design work, I aim to enhance the usefulness of everything I create. I also minimize chances for obsolescence by creating a middle-ground between the familiar and the limits of the medium, creating clean, functional results that are elegant in their simplicity.

My Education

2016 – California State University, Chico

Bachelor's degree in Art Studio, Minor in Photographic Studies, and a Certificate in Museum Studies

2014 – Butte College

Associate's degrees in Anthropology, Arts (Education Option), Diversity Studies, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science, Social Science, and Studio Arts

2010 – Esoteric Theological Seminary

Doctor of Sacred Theology

My Essential Equipment


MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch) - Loaded with design apps

External Hard Drives - 8 TB of curated reference material


Yiynova MVP22U - A 22" drawing tablet monitor

Canon Pixma Pro-10 - A professional grade, archival printer


Pentax K-5 - A DSLR Camera

Samsung NX200 - A full spectrum digital camera

Portable Studio Lighting - Two professional grade soft boxes